Gloucestershire Grammar Schools

Entrance Tests for admission into Year 7 in September 2019
Information Update

Results for all those who sat the entrance tests in September 2018 for entry into Year 7 in September 2019 have been sent out by the schools.

If you have not received your results you must contact the individual schools -  not us -  as only the schools can send out your results.

If you have any questions please contact the schools directly.

Please remember that you MUST complete the Common Application Form (CAF) for your Home Local Authority before 31st October 2018 (or earlier - check with your Home LA for their closing date).  If Gloucestershire is not your Home LA you cannot complete the CAF for Gloucestershire you MUST complete the CAF for the LA in which you live.  They will then pass on your application to Gloucestershire.

If you do not include any of the Gloucestershire Grammar Schools on your CAF you CANNOT be offered a place even if your child had the highest score in the entrance tests.

School places are offered by your Home LA on 1st March 2019 (National Offers Day).  Individual Schools are not allowed (by law) to offer your child a place. Gloucestershire County Council send each school a list of all those who applied in time on the CAF for the school to rank according to its oversubscription criteria (see each school’s website for details).  Local Authorities will then offer you ONE place only on National Offers Day based on your highest qualifying preference.

If you need any help completing the CAF please contact your Home LA as they are the only people that have all the information you may need.

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